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Zion Kids Palace is an Early Learning Center in Western Uganda (East Africa). It was formed out of the need to provide affordable,accessible  and quality education to the children born and raised in the rural Kashari, Mbarara in western Uganda.

We are asking you and also seeking your assistance to help us with the construction of a water project that will provide running water. We are also in need of a vehicle to help transport the children safely to the school. Because parents want their children to have a good education we need to build more classroom space. Finally we need books, classroom materials and outdoor equipment. Click Here To Donate Now!

Education at this stage in Uganda is majorly operated by
 Private entrepreneurs and are predominantly located in Urban centers, cash basis and profit oriented and they only offer limited services to urban dwellers and the richer minority.

 Previously the parents in this community and its surroundings areas were frustrated because there was no quality education for their children and parents had to ferry their children both the very young ones and older to the nearby  towns which was not only expensive but  posed a huge risk to the children traveled to and from school using  motor bikes which are prone to accidents and are quite risky.

What we do as a school means a lot to the parents and even more to the children who come to this school.  Word of mouth has increased demand beyond what we can afford to supply.  We know that we are making a difference and impacting the lives of children when they are able to receive a quality education for their child.

With gratitude,
Zion Kids Palace




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